Review of the Time Spinners Slot Machine (Hacksaw Gaming)

Hacksaw Gaming’s Time Spinners slot machine has a magic theme. It has 10 paylines and a format of 5 by 4 reels. Cards, books, scrolls, hourglasses, gyroscopes, the letter “W” (the regular Wild), two pocket watches (red and gold, which stand in for the regular Wild and the time synchronization symbol/Sync Symbol, respectively), ghosts, and more are among the symbols (Scatters). There are further unique symbols (Echo Symbol and Epic Symbol). The RTP varies between 88.33% and 98.19%, and the most potential win is 10,000 times the stake. The range of bets is between 0.10 and 100 euros. The game’s primary features are Watch, Sync Your Watch, the Dusk Till Dawn bonus, and bonus purchases.

Rollers in the Ghostly Realm

The Time Spinners slot machine demo is a Hacksaw Gaming title. This game has a spooky theme. This slot machine’s board, which has five reels, four rows, and ten paylines, is suspended above a pit by chains that are fastened to a Masonic structure. The setting is similar to a graveyard, and the music playing in the background is mournful.

The music becomes louder as these rollers start to roll. The brickwork supporting the reels crashes during the bonus rounds, the chains snap, and the player sees an endless blue background in the pit.

The icons in Time Spinners slot consist of 8 conventional symbols, including: 4 playing cards (clovers, diamonds, hearts and spades). They generate the least revenue. Five winning combinations pay off between 1 and 2 times the stake. The four remaining symbols, from least profitable to most, are gyroscopes, books, scrolls, and hourglasses. They produce winning combos that pay off between 5 and 20 times the original wager.

There are also lots of special symbols. There are two Wilds: a red Pocket Watch or Watch symbol and a gold “W” (normal Wild) (multiplier Wild).

Any regular payout symbol can be replaced by the regular Wild, which appears on all reels. If five elements match, the wager is worth twenty times as much. Payouts can be multiplied by the Watch or Watch symbol by 2x to 12x. The player can synchronize time with a golden clock to gain additional money.

A ghost named The Scatter (Ghost Symbol). The studio also offers the Epic and Echo Symbols, which act as substitutes throughout the free spins bonus.

There are many features and a $10,000 prize multiplier.

You must deposit a minimum of 0.10 euros in order to enjoy this Situs Slot Gacor game. 100 euros is the maximum wager per spin in the Time Spinner slot . The game provides several RTPs. Several casinos provide a 96.19% standard version. The other options are: 94.24 percent, 92.3 percent, and 88.3 percent. The game’s default RTP will be shown when it loads. The maximum gain that is likely to occur is 10,000 times the stake.

As primary attributes The Dusk Till Dawn bonus, the acquisition of bonuses, multiplier Wilds (Watch feature), and synchronization symbols (Sync symbols) are all integrated by Hacksaw Games.

Functional watch

All reels can receive red watches, which act as multiplier wilds. They swap out for all payment symbols. When they appear on a payline, a multiplier between x2 and x12 is revealed.

The function of “Sync Your Watch”

An appearance of a golden watch on the reels initiates the feature in the Time Spinners slot. Any multiplier Wilds that are present on the reels have their values altered by this symbol. In fact, the transformation is carried out by matching all of the grid’s multipliers to the one with the highest value.

Extra Dusk Till Dawn

When three scatters (Ghost) or ghosts (Scatter) appear on the screen, the Dusk Till Dawn bonus is earned. There are two tiers to this function.

Gathering the Watch symbols is the first phase

The player is given three spins with special symbols and non-paying symbols at this level. In other words, the slot only features the Broken Clock Blank, Red Pocket Watches, Timing Symbols, and Red Pocket Watches positions.

Landing a Pocket Watch, Sync Symbol, or Echo Symbol during any of these three free spins increases the spin total. The process is as follows:

The normal Wild (red watch) sticks to the reels with a multiplier value ranging from 2x to 12x when it lands on them.

The Sync Your Watch feature’s guiding concept is used when the golden watch is displayed.

The value between 1x and 50x is revealed when the Echo sign lands, and all timepieces within a 3×3 region around it are then added with that value.

Last but not least, if the Epic Echo symbol lands, it will show a number that ranges from 2x to 10x, multiplying any Watch symbol values in a 3×3 region around it.

The player receives an additional free spin that will be usable in the following phase for each time the free spins gauge to the right of the reels fills up during this first collection phase.

The second step, the payment phase, begins after the collecting phase is over. There are at least three free spins to start.

The slot machine uses the standard symbols after the red watches, which are always stuck on the reels, to provide the player a chance to go for the jackpot of 10,000 times their wager.

Buying of Bonuses

There is an extra buy button with two choices. The Give Me Watches feature is the first one the gamer can select. The price of this option is two times the stake. Without the chance of receiving Scatters, it has an RTP of 96.24%. Yet, he is entitled to up to 15 Watch symbols, each of which has a 24x maximum multiplier value in the Time Spinners slot. At least two Sync Symbols are likely to land while the game is being played.

Directly purchasing the Twilight To Dawn feature is the second option. It costs 100 times the stake. There is a 96.2% RTP for it.

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