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The Caliph Has No Clothes

01 September on Ideas

This opinion piece appeared in The New York Times, July 16, 2014.  Ramadan, which began this year on June 28, gives Muslims the chance to look to the past and...

Trouble Recruiting Top Faculty? Promote Collaboration

26 March on Ideas, News

At the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, the last week of February began with the announcement that Cathy N. Davidson and Ken Wissoker, from Duke and...

History and Heilsgeschichte in early Islam: Some observations on prophetic history and biography

26 March on Ideas

As one western medievalist put it, ‘[t]he natural vice of historians is to claim to know about the past’. Nicholas Howe was lamenting that especially naïve form of positivism that...

Al-ʿAttāf. b. Sufyān and Abbasid imperialism

29 September on Ideas

The following excerpt is taken from ‘Al-ʿAttāf. b. Sufyān and Abbasid imperialism’ in Festschrift for Ahmad Mahdavi Damghani (Berlin, forthcoming). To read the full article, download the PDF here. It...

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